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The ChocoCounter is part of a larger project for counting chocolates.

Design brief


The client wanted a system which allowed custom chocolate assortments to be created, and they needed a way for the packers to know how many of which chocolate needed to be placed in the bag.

In order to ensure accurracy, scales would be used to weigh the contents entering the bag.

The client has many chocolates available, and wanted an easy way for the packer to know which chocolate they should be taking - and how many. This meant multiple displays showing a count of the chocolates arranged in a simple network. Since the information about the chocolate assortment is already stored in a CRM system, integration to that CRM system would enable the system to function without the client needing any additional software.

Initial prototype


A Raspberry PI is used as the communications channel between the CRM system and the displays. The Raspberry PI also functions as the interface to the scales (which are some postal scales).

Five displays were made, and interfaced via a low-load RS422 network (upto 250 nodes), connected with standard Ethernet cables.

The display board was the first one that needed to use the reflow oven, and the results were fantastic.


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